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Welcome to Triyes! Triyes Growth Marketing helps young, MSP & B2B businesses in the tech industry to succeed in their next stage of growth through the implementation of the HubSpot CRM and the creation of marketing and sales campaigns. Expect guided, continuous support towards your success. We have you covered.

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Imagine if we were able to double your revenue. What impact would that have on your business?

Working with BCD Software, we did just that…


additional blog views – build authority and bring your start-up mass awareness like this 


increase in offline revenue – drive your prospects to speak to your sales people


increase in online revenue – have prospects research, compare and buy your solutions directly

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“Dedicated professionals. An excellent addition to any marketing team.”


Marcel Sarrasin
GM of Transformation at Fresche Solutions

“Agile, data driven, smart, creative, marketing masters. Great to work with.”

Eric Figura

Eric Figura 
VP of Marketing & Sales at BCD Software

“I have worked with Triyes for four years and am impressed with their quality.”


Janet van Mil
Owner at LeerLust

“Delivered transparent and professional communication and excellent value.”


Jamie Ralph
Brand Marketing Manager at Victoria Cider Co.

Triyes has you covered with all of your marketing in one place using the HubSpot CMS Hub. Watch this video.

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We use HubSpot for our clients and ourselves because it is a holistic solution that aligns with the diverse needs of a growing business.

184,000+ businesses are streamlining marketing efforts to empowering sales teams and enhancing customer service using HubSpot. Services we offer include:

  • HS Onboarding
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Web Design / UX
  • Commerce

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We have worked for small and Fortune 5000 mid-sized organizations in IT, provincial government and education.

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